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Why Being "Remarkable" is Great for You and Your Business

The word remarkable has taken on a new meaning in recent years. People use the word "remarkable" when they mean "awesome," "wonderful" or "amazing."

"Remarkable" for this article's discussion means that it is something for people to remark about.  That's what we are talking about.

Is your business remarkable?

That is, do people talk about your business positively?  Do you give them something to notice or say about your business?  What is special or unique about your customer's experience with you?

This is especially important on Nantucket. People talk! Where did you eat last night? How was it? What did you think of that program? How were the prices at that store? How well did xxx treat you?

I was recently interviewed by my friend Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate, on this very topic – you can listen to it by clicking this link.

Bottom line: It does not take a lot of time, or even a lot of effort  to increase your "remarkability." Just creativity.

Here are some tips:

  • Create something unique
  • Do something that your competitors don't do that will enhance  your customer satisfaction
  • Add an additional level of customer service
  • Make your customer experience even more fun
  • Find a different way to thank your existing customers

Think of these examples:

  • Pet Meds includes a large dog biscuit in every shipment of products for your dog
  • Southwest Airlines' attendants crack jokes during their announcements
  • Amazon Prime delivers to you in only TWO days

ACTION STEP: What can you do to make your business even more remarkable?

And even better than that, how about sharing a story or two about "remarkability" you've experienced?