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The Two 'Round Rule - When to stop emailing and start talking

The Two 'Round Rule

We have all groaned at the email sent to several people and the resultant exploding number of responding "reply all" emails.

Whether you're on Nantucket or not, email "chatter" is a challenge for all of us.

Trying to solve a problem via a community of emails can be a real challenge, to say the least. Arguably, email is most likely NOT the best way to approach brainstorming or problem solving with several people. But... once it's out there, here's a tip that can be quite useful.

Apply the TWO AROUND rule.

This means that once it has gone back and forth 2 times, it ain't gonna get solved by email. This means pick up the phone or call a quick meeting.

The biggest challenge is to notice that it's gone around twice. Stand back, be the one to pull in the reins, and call the meeting or pick up the phone.

Your problem will get solved sooner, and with less emotion. Sounds like a plan, heh?

What d'ya think?