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Smile - It's Good for Business!

Your Smile Can Go Straight to the Bottom Line

Smile for your career. Really.

Many people underestimate the power of a simple smile. In reality, that smile you share with someone else can be one of the best career strategies you might engage. Why?

People are happy here on Nantucket, generally. If you want your business to be even better, here is a tip that you can share with all of your employees and co-workers. SMILE.

Yes, that's it! Simple! And...  it is one of the easiest and most effective profit driving strategies!!! Why?

Smiles are disarming. When someone is smiling at you, it is very challenging for you to miss. A smile tells people that you are happy, not just individually, but also to be in their presence.

Smiles attract. It is much easier to approach someone who is smiling and two approach someone who is frowning, don't you agree? A smile says "I invite you." It is a conversation starter.

Smiles break down boundaries. A smile creates an even playing field, because when you are smiling, you are telling people that don't matter what your position or stature in life, you welcome that person.

Why are smiles career strategies? Simple. Communication is the basis for all business success. It is the basis for all personal happiness. When you smile, you are opening conversation. You are opening dialogue. And that dialogue is what is needed for your business and career to soar.

How many times have YOU smiled today?


Marsha Egan works with entrepreneurs and small business owner on managing the people side of profits.