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How to Deal with all those social media emails

As if we don't have enough emails charging into our inboxes already! Now we have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, google+, etc. notifications haphazardly gracing that inbox, interrupting us, and adding more messages to an already crowded space.

I recently subscribed to a Facebook group, Nantucket Consignments. Great group - people are posting items for sale or items wanted, and the site is gaining popularity. Because people post several items at a time, I noticed my inbox overflowing - really overflowing. And while the information was of interest to me, it was also distracting. This tip below helped me alot.

Here's a tip that you might find useful:

Create folders for each social media account. Or perhaps just one folder for all your social media stuff. Whatever works best for you...

Then, create an automated rule that sends any email notification directly to that folder. In other words, you might create a rule that says all messages coming from Facebook are dropped directly into your newly created Facebook folder. This eliminates another flash or ding of an interrupting email. It also eliminates your having to read, or drag and drop them to the folder. It is done automatically.

Then, view all the contents of that folder at a time that works for you. Simple - that's all there is to it.

The benefit of this is that you'll avoid multiple sporadic interruptions throughout the day. It also sets you up to "group like tasks" which is a time management technique that truly works.Then,  when you're in the mood to check in on your FB friends, YOU decide when you'll view the notifications, not the other way around.

What tips have worked for you?