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Thankfulness... Specifically!

The More Specific "Thanks," The More Valued

As we approach Thanksgiving - gosh what a wonderful holiday - I like to think about all those things and people I appreciate...

It reminds me however of the importance of being specific in your expressed thanks and appreciation.

I truly believe that the more specific the appreciation or thanks, the more valued your comment can be.

Which sounds better?
◾You really did a great job
◾The way you managed the meeting and got everyone on board with our strategy was very motivating
◾Thanks for your help
◾Thank you for taking charge of the charity event, and getting all the widgets in place in time
◾I appreciate you
◾I appreciate the way you are very considerate of my feelings by checking for my understanding

The more specific "thank you's" give the receiver more to hang on to. The words carry more impact and meaning. Being more specific can actually be more motivating, because it affirms an actual behavior or action.

All that being said, any appreciation is better than none. But the more specific it is, the more impact it will have.


What examples do you have of very specific appreciation that has stuck with you over the years?