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Everyone brings their own puzzle piece to the meeting

How to Add Value to Your Meetings

Meetings CAN Be Something Your Folks Appreciate

Want to add value to your meetings?

How often do we hear people groan about having to go to another meeting? It doesn't have to be that way. Here is some simple FFT (Food For Thought) for those of you who are in the lucky position to be running meetings that you want the participants to value.

The secret? Two words - Interaction, Jackson!

Want to energize your meetings?  Plan interactions!  Although there is important business or training to conduct, you’ll raise the level of enjoyment, appreciation and synergy when you PLAN for folks to interact with each other. 

Here's that FFT:

Encourage early arrival. If your meeting starts at 10:00, encourage people to arrive for coffee and conversation at 9:45.

Consider the room set up.  The more people face each other, the more they will talk with each other. Use round tables, rather than theater, u-shaped or classroom style. The closer people are to each other, the more interaction.

Break up cliques.  Get people to sit with new people.  Use innovative ways to seat people differently. Whether it is star signs, hair color, or placecards, you’ll create opportunities for people to stretch their associations to new people.

Use icebreakers.  Icebreakers can be simple or complicated.  Even if it is just asking your group to say a word that described their week, it will give your participants something else to talk about other than business when the meeting breaks.

Ask small groups or dyads to discuss issues at certain points in the meeting.  Once again, forced interaction that engages people.  They can’t think about their weekend when they’re supposed to be brainstorming with their partner, can they?

The more people talk, the more people will get to know each other. The more they will trust each other. The more synergy will be built. What a brilliant way to get them to enjoy their meeting experience!