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5 Ways to Deal with Holiday Stress

What a wonderful time of year! Great memories, great get - togethers, great fun...

BUT - the stress of it all! I have seen so many Facebook posts in the last few days that cite high stress levels.
◾How can I get it all done?
◾Just when I thought I was finished...
◾What do I get for my mother in law?

I'm not going to tell you it isn't real. It is.

However there are ways to minimize this stress, or even eliminate it. Here are five of them - please share yours at the end of this post, as well.

1. Live in minute tight compartments. Whatever minute you are in, be there. Stop thinking about what else you could be doing, and finish the thing you are doing that minute.

2. Write it down. Put your tasks and "to do's" on one central list. Giving these tasks a place eliminates brain clutter and the stress of trying to remember it all.

3. Ask for help. Look at that list, and find things to delegate. Yes, your kids and spouse can help. Your friends can help. Your co-workers can help. Let them enjoy the JOY of the holidays as well.

4. Eliminate stuff. Is everything really all that important? Scratch 10% from that list. The least important ones. Buy a client gift instead of baking cookies at 2 AM. See how good that feels?

5. Laugh. Laughter is an awesome stress reliever. Some of this stuff that stresses us out can actually be quite funny. Loosen your laugh trigger - it will help you distress. Yes it will! 

What has worked for YOU to relieve or manage your holiday stress? Let's "share the love!"