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Write What You Want

Local 6th grader Caroline Richards will make her debut as an author at the Book Festival tables in the Atheneum Garden this Saturday, June 16. Richards’ book, Ralph, is the charming and funny story of the complications that can arise when you adopt a pet llama. Richards not only wrote, but illustrated Ralph.

I interviewed Caroline via email.

Q. When did you start writing stories?
A. I don't really remember, I just started I guess

Q. Why do you like writing?
A. I like writing because its puts you in a different situation that you would never really confront in real life

Q. How did you come up with the idea for Ralph?
A. It was a project for school and me and my friends had just finished joking about how we should all pitch in money to get a llama!

Q. What are some of your other stories about? Are they also children's books? What other kinds of things do you write?
A. A lot of my other stories are more historical fiction and murder mystery so this would be my first kids book

Q. Which authors do you like to read? What is your favorite book and why?
A. I like Lee Child, Stephan King and a lot of others. I don’t really have a favorite book, I like most of the ones I read.

Q. How does it feel to see Ralph as a real book?
A. Pretty nice, I mean I never thought it would go farther then a school project.

Q. What are your plans for the Book Fair?
A. I think just try to sell as many books as I can and hope people really like it.

Q. Do you have other books in mind to write?
A. I have a couple that are almost done but not any that are close to publishing.

Q. Do you have advice for other writers?
A. Just keep going and write what you want.


Photos: Illustration from Ralph by the author.
Portrait of the author as a young woman by Pixel-Perfect (aka Laurie Richards, Caroline’s proud mom.)