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Red Carpet Premiere in 'Sconset

The stars rolling up to the premiere of “Mary and the Silent Movie” at the ‘Sconset Casino Monday night won’t be climbing out of stretch limos or wearing the latest sky high Louboutin heels. Rather, expect a procession of vintage cars loaded with guest stars decked out in 20’s finery. ‘Sconset’s non-profit theatre company On The Isle is throwing this year's production in high style

The evening begins with parties throughout the village “very much like those carried out in the 1910's by the Actors' Colony of the time,” says producer Linda Mackay. “The parties culminate with a "red carpet" reception for the movie actors,” at the Casino. “Then there's the Twenties-style floor show and the premiere of the movie itself.”

On The Isle is the force behind summer productions of all sorts in Sconset. In recent years, it has offered “The Pirates of Penzance,” “The Actor's Nightmare”, “Nunsense”, choral performances, puppet workshops, and more, with the participation of Sconset and island-wide singers, dancers, actors, and especially children.  These productions continue the tradition established by the late Sandy Whitehead in the 1970s and continued by Carl Schmehl, a New York singer, actor, producer and writer, and Donna Cribari, a composer and musician.

Last summer On the Isle filmed, in black and white, the original screenplay “Mary and the Silent Movie,” based on the making of Realart Pictures’ silent movie “Sinners,” which was shot in ‘Sconset in 1919 and starred celebrity summer residents of the Sconset Actors Colony including Alice Brady, James Crane and William T. Carlton. Filming of “Mary and the Silent Movie” was done in conjunction with the Nantucket Historical Association’s publication of “The Sconset Actors Colony”, by Betsy Tyler.

On Monday, On The Isle premieres its film in grand style. A very limited number of rush tickets are still available at the door (cash only.) For further information, please email [email protected]

Director and Screenplay – Carl Schmehl
Original Music – Donna M. Cribari
Producer – Linda Mackay
Starring - The Village of 'Sconset