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Original Music from Dojo

Not Your Typical Church Fare

At 10:00 PM Saturday 5/26, local ambient beat-boys DOJO will perform at the Vestry of the Old North Church on Centre St. with the lights out. This trippy, distortion-loving, delay-heavy band is the brainchild of local carpenter and caretaker Dozer—age 28, and is comprised, according to him, of “a revolving cast of gifted, cracked artist types.” Dozer is, of course, not his real name, but rather the character he plays while fronting the band.

Confused? Good. Dojo trades in throwing you off balance. When asked to describe Satuday night’s event, Dozer replied:

Revelers should come dressed in whatever attire best suits the most unfulfilled longings in their lives. It probably will last less than an hour. It's free. Besides darkness, there will be balloons. . . I would not recommend coming if you get headaches easily.

I last saw Dojo play in February at Seaside Shakespeare’s UnValentine Cabaret when they blew the roof off the Box. According to Dozer, there may or may not have been other shows since then:

Dojo has as of late been performing for private functions, some so private that there is dispute over whether they even happened. Which makes giving directions difficult.

Dojo are truly unlike anything else on the local music scene.

It might help to think of the show as the opposite of the Figawi party. It might also help to watch a Dojo video. Here is “Revelry”

See you in the dark.

DOJO: Saturday, May 26 @ 10:00 PM. Old North Vestry. Free