Verdi and the Cult of Mary

This Friday, May 25th, Greta Feeney-Samuels presents a lecture/recital titled, 'Verdi and The Cult of Mary: A Study of Three


Dying is Easy.  Comedy is Hard.

  9: cast members
20: roles played
24: days of rehearsal
  2: matching

Planned topics for discussions and posts here will include everything you need to know about Nantucket real estate:  


I was fortunate enough to see the opening night of Theatre Workshop's latest production, Noises Off, written by Michael Frayn and

The Amazing Benefits of Chia Seeds

This past October I was having a health food debate with Seth Raynor, the chef and owner of one of

The Nantucket estate recently offered for sale at $59 million increases the island's reputation as home to the rich with

Town of Nantucket

a website for Nantucketers and by Nantucketers

Nantucket Chronicle--by Nantucketers, for Nantucketers, an insider's view of island life.

Marisa Holden’s nickname is  “Missy,” but if that suggests to you a quiet, retiring southern girl you’d be completely wrong. 

This nasty little insect has devastated more than 30,000 trees in Worcester, MA and has been detected very close to

Hiking Opportunities

Not that you can’t do it on your own, but there are guided trips through our island natural world

Not Your Typical Church Fare

At 10:00 PM Saturday 5/26, local ambient beat-boys DOJO will perform at the Vestry of the Old North Church on

There is a small revolution going on in Nantucket. Bucking Nantucket’s image as a playground for the rich is a

Coping with The New Normal of Parenthood

Motherhood is an incredible experience. But fully appreciating it requires letting go of the old notions of normalcy. It means

It’s not quite beach weather yet, but that doesn’t mean anything to several species of shorebirds that fly up to

Whether it’s a Sunday long run training for a marathon or your first jog in years, the benefits of running