Who's at the Shelter

Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals has several cats and dogs available for adoption.  They are currently residing at the shelter

Should we be running with music?

To wear headphones while you run or to not?  This is the debate that's been going back and forth the

We’ve all experienced that urge to satisfy our snack-attacks, which lead us to rummage through our cabinets, fridge, or pantry

A few years ago, I was sitting on my porch swing beginning to doze off when I heard a kind

Nantucket property

value and conservation

I am often asked why real estate on Nantucket is “sooo expensive”. There is no easy answer to that! I

Nantucket's conservation organizations make a lot of noise about the properties they purchase, but I don't think many people are

Nantucket Style

How to go to a concert if you live in America:

Step 1: Buy tickets.
Step 2: Drive (or subway) to

How NSHA Helps Reunite Families

Figawi weekend is a fun time for most visitors, although chaotic at times.  But when a beloved family pet goes

As my photos attest, turtles are everywhere they usually aren't the rest of the year right now. At least


Mark and Anne Dawson have brought their healthy, fresh, and family friendly atmosphere of Fog Island Cafe to a new

Yoga Helped This Man Walk Again

I believe in the power the mind holds in healing one's own body.  Today is Memorial Day and my thought

Take comfort --it WILL burn off…eventually…probably by mid morning.

Think of it as extra prep time for that trip to the

A Team Sport for Your Family and Friends

Iron Teams Relay Race

Looking for a fun team race for you, your family, and/or your friends to jump into this

Finding the Doctor You Need On-Island

Seeing a medical specialist on-island

Want to see a doctor who specializes in dermatology, podiatry or another field of medicine? Many

It's Memorial Day, and in addition to the remembrances of those who gave their lives, my memories always travel back