OK, this is it. I just got word yesterday from the Mill Hill Press that "Nantucket: A Natural History" will

At Cheryl Fudge

Fashion Camp is Back!

One all time favorite store here on Island, loved by young and old alike, is offering some

If you're ready to start reserving your spots for Nantucket's Spring Restaurant Week and aren't sure what each location has

Equip your bike with proper lighting

Proper lighting on your bike is a must, but most of us don't do it.  It just might be the

My little girl is turning seven in a couple of weeks. When she was little, parties were so easy.

Spend any time on along the shores of Nantucket’s harbors mid-May into early summer and you are bound to see

New Website for Walks

Looking for a little more nature in your daily dog outing?  Stephanie Henke, a local animal lover, has created a

Spring restaurant week has officially kicked off as of today! Have you been dying to try certain restaurants, but not

Can I really get lost here?

Do you know where the images with today's post were shot? If you do, you know the island pretty well.

Who Will "Win?"

Us vs. Facebook
(Can anyone "win?")
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Nantucket is one of the most

ISLAND PRACTICE reviewed by The New York Times

Dr. Tim Lepore spoke recently to a rapt audience at Mitchell's Book Corner about the newly released account of his

Early spring, and life suddenly takes on a third dimension. We turn outward, shed layers, and lift our faces to

This week I planted a sunflower house for my little girl. What is a Sunflower House? It’s a room

I Just Married the Love of My Life, BUT....

I just married the love of my Life!  She has a child I am crazy for as well.  The ex-husband,

Making a Life in Education and Art

Wouldn’t you love to be a Little Explorer?

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and