Memorial Day Parade on Washington Street, Nantucket
Memorial Day has always been a special time for me.  Like Nantucket today, my small home town in New Hampshire
Island Kitchen Restaurant in Nantucket, MA

WHAT I LOVED: 1--They're open all year long!  It was February and everyone and their dog was on vacation that

2 Brooks Farm Road from West Chester St.
By the Numbers Address: 2 Brooks Farm Road. Acres: .24 of an acre. Structure(s): Main house, attached garage Seller: 2 Brooks Farm Road, LLC

Another Life Reinvention in Nantucket

“You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”                         --C.S. Lewis   THROWING PAINT BIG TIME--ANOTHER RE-INVENTION--MY

Beet Salad from Sea Grille in Nantucket

This well known, family oriented, family run restaurant is a favorite among so many. I have always loved the SeaGrille.

The pollen is flowing!
Yes! Both hives' bees are bringing in pollen, the west hive with much greater volume than the east hive, but
Fo' Castle (143 Wauwinet Road) on the harbor side.
By the Numbers  Address: 143 Wauwinet Road.  Acres: 2.5.  Structure(s): Main house, garage  Seller: Peter K. Kafer, Karen K. Lindgren and Lynn Kafer of
2015 Chamber summer party at Westmoor Club
The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce has over 700 members representing all aspects of our local economy.  Our members are:
Lobster, Love, and Life Long Friends

Enduring Friendships

LOBSTER, LOVE, AND LIFE LONG FRIENDS ON NANTUCKET This week two of my dearest and oldest friends made the

Raised bed garden


Well, once more the gardening season is upon us. For my friends who are not gardeners, here is a short glossary of terms you may hear the gardeners in your family use from time to time.

As with anything to do with gardening, local terms may vary.

Cold Frame: A wooden box with a glass roof for...

Indonesian Fried Chicken Drumettes at The Nautilus in Nantucket

Last summer I was working with a woman who almost on a daily basis reminded me to eat at Nautilus.

When I was 12 years old in 1953, I received a book for my birthday. I was pretty new at

The Maria Mitchell Association's Loines Observatory.
You're going to have to get used to this kind of post because I'm going to be doing it a
Mother and child near military gravestone

What's the real meaning of Memorial Day?  You'd be surprised how many people don't know, or care.  But those of us at 97.7, WACK/fm, along with Holidays for Heroes and others, are raising awareness to BRING BACK MEMORIAL DAY to Nantucket!

Every time you shout, you change the conversation...

We all do it. Our voices tense up. Especially when we want to make a point, or want to make sure the other person understands our point. Or worse, we speak even more loudly when arguing.