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Nantucket Island Rental Market

Betsy Holden, Realtor at Coffin Real Estate, Nantucket

Nantucket Island is not only for the millionaires and billionaires but also for those individuals that save all year to take their annual vacations in this part of the world.  The community welcomes people of diverse cultures and being a realtor I receive requests from people across the globe.   The start of a New Year in Real Estate means to answer and screen calls from individuals that all have their wish list for their perfect island retreat.   Perfect for one might be a tiny rustic antique cottage to a waterfront estate compound. 

But no matter what the budget, we search and select the best fit for the potential renter to depart with an island experience that will pull them back to the same island every year. 

Nantucket Island is a worldwide resort destination spot and with that designation comes the privilege of making our guests feel welcomed all four seasons of the year.  The bulk of the rental season is the summer months but we all know Nantucket Island is beautiful and peaceful the remainder of the nine months.

When people are looking to visit our island, they will wonder with whom do they consult about accommodations. Realtors can search their vast office rental inventory and also work with all agents island wide to find just the right fit for their tenant clients.  The renter/tenant does not pay a fee for these services. The rental agent works as liaison between the homeowner and the tenant in writing up rental lease agreements.

It’s really a win-win situation for those needing guidance and advice in selecting location, pricing and home style.  A real estate office will give you security and confidence in a professional manner. Realtors are well versed in their rental inventory and have vast knowledge of the properties suggested to the tenant.  The consumer that has the most knowledge is the happy customer.  Nantucketers aim to please !

In the coming weeks of this column, I will show different rental properties to review and tips for the homeowner who wants to jump into the rental marketplace. I hope to engage in an interactive dialogue with those needing questions answered. I look forward to all comments and feedback either via this forum or e-mail questions to my e-mail address.

Best Wishes, Betsy Holden

Betsy Holden is a realtor with Coffin-Sconset Real Estate.  You can reach her at [email protected], or 508-325-2640