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Halloween - A Popular Nantucket Holiday

I don't love it, but I'm in the minority

I should start off by saying Halloween is not my favorite holiday.

It's not really my favorite thing to don a costume and go out on the town, but I understand why it is fun for many people.

I've actually resorted to telling little, white lies about my Halloween plans each year just to pacify my friends who are incredulous that I'm not that into it. This year my "costume" is a shark attack victim, but when the day of festivities arrives there is a slim-to-none chance that I follow through. If any of said friends are reading this, …sorry?

I know, however, I am well-ensconced in the minority on this topic. This weekend and the following days through the 31st will bring plenty of parties and gatherings to Nantucket for both the young and old.

An event looked forward to by many island families is the annual Halloween Parade on Main Street, Thursday, October 31st at 5 p.m. Children and adults alike gather in costume for treats and a contest for best getup. The kids get ribbons and goody bags and the fun will begin in from the Methodist Church at 2 Centre St.

For adults, perhaps the most major event of the holiday is the annual Chicken Box Halloween Party is set to be held this Saturday, November 2nd. This is an event hundreds look forward to and prepare for months in advance. One friend is going as an astronaut (with one significant pop culture twist), and another will send off the HBO series "True Blood" with an homage to one of its main characters (who happens to look a lot like her!).

Writing for another island publication a few years ago, I sat down with Rocky Fox, one of the Box's owners, and he said that the gathering is one of the business' most fun and popular events every year.

This  year, Boston cover band Green Line Inbound will be performing and patrons should expect to pay a nominal cover charge.

I'm sure there are many other opportunities to revel in the holiday festivities. If you know of any others, please post them in the comments below.

Who knows? Something might sway me and I'll end up that shark attack victim after-all.


Frankenstein, anyone? Dreamland will be screening London's National Theatre version of Frankenstein on Halloween, at 7pm.  Shivery.