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Is There a Bully in Your Life?

It's time to take a stand

Below is a brave news anchor’s video that addresses a hurtful email from a viewer on her weight. 

It would seem no matter our age there would always be a bully on the playground of life.  It’s time we take down these life terrorists and take a stand for ourselves and for those who cannot or are afraid to protect themselves. 

October is Anti-Bullying Month.  In the words of this news anchor who was criticized for her appearance, “We need to teach our children to be kind, not critical and we need to do that by example.”

We all set the example of how to treat others.  If you smile at a stranger, that positive energy now moves from you to them and so forth.  If you criticize a person, that negative energy has transferred to all that this person encounters.  If you’re not being positive, kind or helping someone else, that is energy wasted.  We’re all on this planet together…Which means we’re all in this life together.  It’s time to start acting like it.

What example are you setting?

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