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An Evening in Montmartre

Nantucket Artists were heros last night... with a french twist


Well, Nantucket... we had a magical evening last night at "An Evening in Montmartre," a benefit for Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals.  Now, I am totally a push over for most creatures great and small and I was more than happy to donate media services for this premier benefit along with Lisa Frey.

I was completely blown away by the overall presentation - kudos to the board and volunteers!  Most impressive is how many performers and visual artists gave of themselves and their talent to insure that this event is well on its way to being one of Nantucket's most popular annual fundraisers in years to come.

Starting with the lovely ladies who squeezed themselves into very tight and sexy French attire and engaged with guests in very french fashion.  Leading off the top of this talent list, Master of Ceremony, Natalie Ciminero who premiered as auctioneer.  She did amazing job raising the bids by flirting, laughing, and telling engaging stories which held the audience as paddles popped up for bids. Her two lovely assistants were our own Ema Hudson and Betsey Johnson Brooks with Clay Twombly to keep everyone out of line.

Performers were outstanding:  Jessica Heuser, Opera aria, Song and act by Susan McGinnis, and one of our hottest local bands Coq Au Vin - all spicy and very refreshing!  The performances were enhanced visually with Lindsay Feller as a live sculpture, sketch artist Caleb Kardell, and dancer Andrey Stanev with one of his students from Nantucket Dance Studio.

Last but certainly not least, the silent auction boasted beautiful art work donated by:  Chris Bonelli, MJ Levy Dickson, Katie Trinkle Legge, Sherre Wilson-Liljegren, Christine Sanford, Jessica Sosebee, RW Stark III, and Sharon Sterk.

My hat goes off to all of you who donated your talent - please give all of these artists a lot of love for their generosity.  And please do visit this website for further details on what motivated these artists in the first place.  Congratulations NSHA!


Ema Hudson's picture

Thank you SOOO much for documenting our outrageously fun event!  So much creativity, enthusiasm and energy went into that special night and it was a joy to see all the smiles it produced.  Best of all - Nantucket's homeless animals have a brighter future <3

It was a magical and wildly creative evening, filled with goodies for all! Thank you for your support, guidance and belief in us. Last night was proof that a group of dedicated and compassionate individuals can achieve great things together. And yes indeed, best of all was that the generosity of all involved - guests, volunteers and vendors alike - helped secure services and care for the animals on Nantucket.

Thank you Arlene for the spotlight!


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"Starting with the lovely ladies who squeezed themselves into very tight and sexy French attire and engaged with guests in very french fashion." Sign me up for next year...  

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I'm still digesting it all, but the whole thing way exceeded my expectations. I can't thank everyone enough for the donations, the discounts, the volunteering and the performing. And to our gracious hosts for their amazing venue. The planning for 2013 is already being talked about. And best of all, the animals benefit greatly. Thank you, Arlene for giving the performers the spotlight they deserve! Sincerely, Jessica Sosebee - Event Chair