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10 Ways To Make A Bad Day Better

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Last week I had a god-awful day.  I didn't get a good night's rest and I woke up bright and early to a long list of bubble bursting text messages and emails.  Putting out fires is never fun. This was then followed by my cat Jack acting extra clingy, weaving in and out of my legs until I tripped over myself.  Then while driving to an appointment I found myself frustrated by the lack of capable drivers on the road and families that believe they are walking around downtown Disney and not a small town 30 miles out to sea...  I restrained myself from yelling out the window to the family walking in the middle of the road, not holding onto their rambunctious children, "You know what saves lives?  Sidewalks."  I came to the edge when I took a sip of funky tasting coconut water.  I said to myself, "Self, you're going to turn this day around!"  I do what I always do when I'm having a bad day; I look at my "Mood Changers List."  This is a little list of things that make me happy.  I looked down the list to find something that would change my mood instantly; Kissing...No, no one around me to kiss...My nieces laughing...Ugh, I know they can't chat...My cat Jack...No, at the moment I can still feel the bruises on my knees...Paris...When will my teleporting abilities kick in?...Dresses and Red Lipstick...Bingo!  I ran home, picked out a dress with enough frills to make me feel like a woman, lacquered some NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red onto my pout.  My day turned around thank goodness and I ended up having one of the best nights of my summer.


So what are some ways you could turn a bad day around?  Men and Women read on please...Here is an article written by Jennifer Jarrett.  My favorite from her list would have to be practice a random act of kindness.  I know this always makes me feel better...Something I should do everyday!