Our Loving Community--Food from 7 Banned Countries

CELEBRATING THE DIVERSITY OF NANTUCKET We are all immigrants unless we are Native American.  Whether we came to America many generations

Low tide in front of Pocomo Meadows
Winter Walks: Pocomo West By Peter B. Brace The moon. Without it, none of us would be able to revel in the joy

Join Us for a Movie and Some Pups

JOIN US FOR. . . My Furry Valentine Saturday, February 18, 12:30 pm to 3 pm. Barlett’s Farm Hayloft. Enjoy a fun
Unsterilized pets contribute to overpopulation, and there simply are not enough homes for them all. We invite you to be
Get lost in Saul's Hills!
  Winter Walks: Stalking tall trees in the moors   For most of last week, I worked on a multi-route walk for Walking

Write and film your Experiences with Love, Loss, and What You Wore

MY LATEST PROJECT AND HOW YOU CAN HELP As some of you know, one of the highlights of my year was

The beach in front of Squam Pond.
Winter Walks: Squam Pond   On Saturday, I got back to my early regular morning walks after being held hostage in my

Freaky Friday - a new post every Friday discussing love, relationships, dating...and anything else the human soul may need answered.

Toupshue Valley.
Winter Walks: Toupshue Valley-Forked Pond Valley   During the production of "Walking Nantucket: A Walker's Guide to Exploring Nantucket on Foot", because

Freaky Friday - Every Friday a new post discussing love, relationships, dating...and anything else the human soul may need answered. Are

The Pocomo East shoreline in January.
Winter Walks – The stillness of Head of the Harbor   January on Nantucket for me equates the necessary stillness, reflection and
Fishing Docks in Corpus Christi Bay


A NANTUCKETER VISITS ROCKPORT, TEXAS Last year, I wrote an article about seeing Nantucket through the fresh eyes of my friend

“Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight.” – Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)   2014
"Flowers from Bethlehem."  Photograph courtesy of the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association.
As I may have noted before, I spent quite a few years cleaning and moving the Special Collection books of
The second high spot on this loop.
The Snow Curse persists   For the last four or five major snowstorms, called blizzards by the regional media, I’ve been unable