Adding A New Article

1. Log In

Go to and click Log In

2. View Edit Bar


Once you are logged in, the Editor bar will appear across the top of the homepage:

Based on your assigned permissions, the Editor bar will also appear at the top of any Article or piece of content you have permission to edit.

Once logged in, for example, the Captain of Dining will be able to edit existing Dining articles, or add new ones, so the Dining Captain will see the four editing tabs captured in the image above (View, Edit, Revisions, Add Another).


  • Edit Tab: Make changes to an existing article
  • Revisions: View changes that have been made to an article and when they were made
  • Add Another: Create another Article of the same type/style you are currently viewing.

The Dining Captain will not see the “Edit” or “Add Another” tab in other areas of the site for

which he/she does not have permission, such as Real Estate.

3. Create an Article

To create an article, click on the “Content” button at the top of any page, and select “Add Content/Article” from the dropdown menu:

OR, click on the  “Add Another” tab at the top of any Article with the same type of content as the new one you want to create:

Then enter your Article content on the resulting page:

Title: Article title
Subtitle: Article subtitle
Section: From the dropdown menu, select the section of the site you want the new article to appear. Note - You will only have the option to select a section for which you have permission to add/edit content.
[Dining] Category: Within each section, such as Dining, select a sub-category for your Article from the dropdown list.

Add Images:

To add  the Main and additional images, click on the “Select Media” buttons:

Then upload an image from your desktop by clicking “Choose File” and then “Submit.”
Or use an existing image from the Library by clicking “Library” and selecting from an image that has already been uploaded.
Once you upload an image, it will be placed into the Library for future use.

Enter the Article copy in the text editor:

Copy and paste your copy from a Word doc into the text editor. You can then use the buttons at the top of the text editor to format the copy in your article.

Change Header size by highlighting the header in the text editor, then select the Header size in the dropdown menu of the “Format” button.

Symbols such as a registration mark can be found by clicking the button labeled “Symbols” below.

Adding A Link

There are two ways to add a link:

  1. Type the url, beginning with www. For example: To link to Google, you would type
  2. Manually create a link: (Example: Google)
    1. Type the word you want to appear
    2. Select that word
    3. Click the add link button
    4. Enter the url you wish to link to.

Links to external websites automatically open in a new browser tab. An icon is placed to the right of the link to let the visitor know of this action.

4. Click Save