• Peter Howell and seal-mangled fish
  • 44 Cliff Road.
  • The 12 1/2 mould takes shape.  Photograph courtesy of Finger Boatworks, Nantucket.
  • Barn owl chicks in a nesting box on Nantucket Harbor in Shimmo.
  • The alway busy Sustainable Nantucket Farmers & Artisans Market.
  • General Manifesto banner
  • The view from the current geotubes looking north past the disappearing clay knob on the left.
  • 22 Union St.

Nantucket Insiders

Ladies and Gentlemen,  Herewith the latest report on beach fishing on Nantucket
My name is Bob Hassold, and I currently live in Portsmouth, N.H.  In 1976, I
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I am a late bloomer. Not only did I marry a die-hard surfer at a more mature
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This year's forum on beach erosion will take place Friday evening, May 8 and
Please remember to vote on Tuesday, April 14th when the School Building Project
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The memorial service for Robin Harvey took place last Friday morning at the
Nantucketers are saddened today by the tragic death of Robin Harvey.  Having